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It's So Much More Than Just Getting Organised

When we moved to London from Australia 6 years ago, we had one goal.

Get rid of all those boxes FAST!

If you’ve ever moved, you’ll know what I mean. There were boxes EVERYWHERE and all we wanted to do was get them unpacked and out of the house so we could just settle down. Actually, who am I kidding? Settling down wasn’t even a consideration. We just wanted to be able to walk to the front door safely!

Well, if you’ve ever unpacked with that goal in mind then you might know what happened next. We got those things out of the boxes and into the cupboards without much thought. Coming from a larger house to a typical London-sized home proved a challenge but we did it somehow. We cleared a path through the house so that it felt somewhat normal.

And we settled in.

But something wasn’t right.

At the time I put it down to the fact that we had a smaller kitchen than the one we were used to and only had one sink. It never really looked neat and tidy even when it was. I found some things hard to get to, which I put down to some awkward shaped cupboards and cabinets. It seemed like there were always things out. I always dreaded making things like schnitzel or baking because it involved using a variety of dishes and utensils and that was always a pain. Messy and time consuming.

Eventually, spurred on by some inspiration to have clear counters, I decided to reorganise my kitchen. Only I didn’t realise that’s what I was doing.

My goal was to find somewhere to put everything that was on the counters without compromising on easy access to anything else. The biggest things I had to contend with were 2 big washing up bowls that I used in my one and only sink. So making room in my small kitchen for 2 big bowls that needed to be accessed easily and regularly meant moving a few things around.

Honestly, I loved the process. Breaking my head over where to move things to, adjusting shelves to maximise the space, working out how to make everything easily accessible – it gave me a rush. I wasn’t aware of what process I was using and why I was making certain calculations. I just knew what my end goal was: Clear counters and easy access.


My biggest feeling was a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. My counters were clear, everything had a home, I had gotten rid of some things in the process so felt liberated as well.

But then I cooked supper. And I was thrilled.

Because I realised then that I hadn’t just created a clear counter space.

My entire workspace had been transformed!

All of a sudden it was so EASY to cook in that kitchen! Things that had been hard to get to before were now just there – at hand, close by and easy to get to. There was no rummaging or running back and forth. My kitchen was actually functional! No – it was functioning EFFICIENTLY.

And those tasks I hated doing beforehand were now such a joy. Schnitzel became my favourite food to make and not just coz it tastes good! But because even though it involves multiple dishes and ingredients, it’s so satisfying to be able to reach for everything from one place.

To me, THAT is a sign of a well organised kitchen. In fact, I would say, it’s more than just organised. It has a well-functioning setup.

This here was my lightbulb moment. When I realised I’d unintentionally stumbled across something I hadn’t realised before.


I don’t mean that you can’t function properly when your house is a mess. That I knew before.

I mean that even in a neat home, getting things done can be time consuming and disorganised if it’s not set up properly. You might be running around to get to what you need or having to move things out of the way to get to what’s in the back. Yes, even in a home that you’d call “organised”.

A well-organised space is one in which everything has a home.

A well-FUNCTIONING space is one in which everything has a home THAT MAKES SENSE.

Yes, this extends to HOW they’re stored as well, ie, how easily accessible things are. That’s an important part of the process. But it’s step 2. The first step is determining that everything has a home THAT MAKES SENSE.

This now became my goal. To help people set up their homes so that it makes sense, functions well and is easily maintained.

Through my business, Spaceover, I’ve helped dozens of families and businesses around London set up homes and offices so that their space is maximised, everything has a home, and things are easily accessed and maintained. We plan out their space, sort through their things, and set up a system for them to keep it up on their own.

Some might call it organising.

I think it’s more than that. It’s about looking at an entire space and how it works, and squeezing the maximum potential out of it.

I’ll be posting weekly to this blog and discussing things like:

· Things to consider when setting up a space

· The unique process I use that helps you declutter

· How to set up different types of spaces so that they function well

· Ways to maximise the space in your home

· Plus links to lots of my favourite products and how to use them

Looking forward to helping you set up your house so that it functions efficiently!

Aidel x

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