Organised, functional home setup for more efficiency and peace of mind.

A Spaceover is the crème-de-la-crème of home organising. We take it all off your plate – the planning, the thinking, the shopping, the shlepping, the sorting, the organising…phew! In the words of a client, “I was getting a headache just watching you guys break your head over how to make the pantry work.  There’s no way I could’ve done this on my own!”

  • Have an efficient system set up so that your cupboards STAY organised and don't need to be redone a few weeks later.

  • Your space will be maximised & items will be easily accessible so that you fit more in but won't waste time looking for things.

  • Don’t break a sweat trying to work out what to do, what to get and how to do it. We do all that problem solving and running around for you!

What do you get?

  • Tailor-made setup for your space and lifestyle so that it works for you & your family.

  • Shopping & returns of all organisational products so you don’t need to do any running around.

  • Follow up support so that if you find something isn’t working quite right, we coach you on what to do to make it better.

"Cooking supper tonight was a breeze…everything was so handy..thanks sooo much, looking forward to our next session!"

Is a Spaceover right for me?

In our experience, a Spaceover works best if you’re fed up with trying to work out the best way to organise your space or simply just don’t want to be busy with it. If you’re open to ideas and a bit of change, then you will get the best results.
How does it work?

It starts with a 45-60 minute in-home consultation. We go through the space, I take pictures & measurements (all confidential) and schedule in a date for the session/s. At the session, I bring all products with me. It is helpful if you’re at home at some point during that time to answer any further questions that may arise.

What is included?

-initial consultation

-all planning & research

-shopping & returns

-organising session/s

-follow up support if things need to be tweaked later


How long is the organising session?

One session is 3 hours.
How long does it take to organise a kitchen or a playroom?


All spaces are judged individually and we can give an estimation of how many sessions we may need once we see the space. 

As a general guide, a small to medium-sized kitchen or playroom can be completed in 1-2 sessions by 2 organisers. One organiser can usually do 2-3 full length cupboards in one session.

How much does it cost?

Prices for a Spaceover start at £180 for one organiser and £270 for 2 organisers.