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Today we're heading downstairs, into the kitchen and tackling...the junk drawer. I know, I know! Don't kill me! It's that one place you pretend doesn't exist, mostly because it takes ages to go through it and you never know what to do with everything so you just shove it all back in to do...later. Well, later has come, my friend!

If you follow the simplified process I'm taking you through today, you should find this job manageable and shouldn't take longer than 20-30 minutes. Stick it out. You'll be so happy you did it that this will become your favourite drawer in the house!

One change I'm making straight up is referring to it as the "supplies" drawer from here on in. A small, maybe pedantic change but something I feel makes a difference!

Below you'll find a video to guide you through the process. Be sure to watch it all as there may be some important points mentioned that will be helpful to you.

Further down this email you'll find exclusive content with extra tips, ideas and links to recommended products. There's also a list of items to help guide you in deciding what to keep in this drawer and how to decide what to get rid of. You'll want to read that one!

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Drawer storage (5).jpg

Final step: Maintenance

Do not skip this step! This is what will ensure that you don't need to redo this process all over again in 6 months' time. Commit to going through this drawer every week to remove items that don't belong there. Set a recurring reminder on your phone to make sure it'll get done. Now!!

If you get stuck at any time during this process or have any questions, just hit reply and ask away. And don't forget to send me your after pics! If you're on Instagram and you're feeling game, post it to your story and tag me!

Good luck & happy organising!