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Today we're starting with your bathroom vanity - the first place you head to in the morning. Don't panic! We're only focusing on those items you use daily and the area where you use them - usually the sink area. This will look different for different people: you may have a cabinet above the sink, below the sink, drawers, shelves or even just a large counter top or windowsill area.

Below you'll find a video to guide you through the process. Be sure to watch it all as there may be some important points mentioned that will be helpful to you.

Further down this email you'll find exclusive content with extra tips and ideas, links to recommended products for different storage options, and a list of items to help you in deciding what to keep in/near your vanity. Click on the banner that applies to you for all the information you need.

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Final step: Maintenance

Do not skip this step! This is what will ensure that you don't need to redo this process all over again in 6 months' time. Commit to going through the space every 2-4 weeks to make sure clutter doesn't accumulate. If you think you'll forget, set a reminder on your phone. Now!!

If you get stuck at any time during this process or have any questions, just hit reply and ask away. And don't forget to send me your after pics! If you're on Instagram and you're feeling game, post it to your story and tag me!

Good luck & happy organising!