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Well first up, I'm not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination. Just ask anyone who's ever been to my house...

As the mum of a large family with an epic move across the world from Australia to London under my belt (including - but not limited to - a whopping 86 boxes that needed to fit into a smaller house than where they'd come from), along with the 70+ clients I've worked with since Spaceover launched, I've had my fair share of breaking my head over organisational challenges..

The thing is, I don't enjoy cooking or housework at all - which may be ironic considering the amount of time I spend in other people's houses. I'd much rather be working on my website or organising someone's kitchen or playroom.


That's why it's so important to me that my home is set up to run as efficiently as possible - so that I can spend the least amount of time working on it! I want to cook quickly, tidy up quickly and get on with my day.

If this resonates with you then get in touch. I think we'll enjoy working together!

Aidel Pines