about spaceover

Spaceover was founded to help mums set up efficient homes that reduce the overwhelm and stress of running a busy house. Yes, we declutter and organise but more importantly, we create systems and teach you the skills you need to maintain the space on your own.


A 100% confidential personal home organising service in NW London, we turn kitchens, pantries, playrooms and everything in between into an organised, functional space.

If you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by any area in your home, get in touch and experience the difference a Spaceover makes!


"You're literally changing my life!"

T., NW London


our services

do it yourself

A 60 minute walk through of your home/area of your choice where I will advise on:

  • storage solutions and closet design

  • product recommendations

  • how to plan and arrange your organising project

  • shopping and delivery of products (optional extra)

If you've just moved, need direction, or are on a budget, this is the plan for you.



In-home sessions involving:

  • 3 hours organising on site (sort, purge, set up)

  • researching storage solutions plus shopping and delivery of products (1 hour)

  • available by phone/email for 4 weeks after project completion

Whether it's a cupboard, a room, or a whole house, we'll clear, sort and organise it for you.

£180  per session

(cost of any products purchased not included)



I'm a pretty organised person. My house isn't a flying mess. But with a growing family we were just putting things into cupboards wherever there was room and we were running out of storage space even though I knew there should have been enough room.

Adele came in and clearly showed me what should go where, in places that made sense. She told me what I should think about getting rid of and what to keep, and then came back to me with product recommendations. She even went and bought the products for me!

She really made things clear and gave me a good plan of action.

Mrs P, London


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about me

Well, I suppose you don't need to me to tell you that I love doing all this stuff. I guess you know that given that I've chosen to do this as a job!

As the mum of a large family and with an epic move across the world from Australia to London under my belt (including - but not limited to - a whopping 86 boxes that needed to fit into a smaller house than where they'd come from) I think I've covered my bases.

I don't enjoy cooking or housework at all - which may be ironic considering the amount of time I spend in other people's houses! I'd much rather be working on my website or organising someone's kitchen or playroom. Umm, I may get it from other entrepreneurs for saying this but I'd even rather be doing admin work for my business!


That's why it's so important to me that my home is set up to run as efficiently as possible so that I can spend the least amount of time working on it!

If you're a bit like this as well, then I think we'll get on! Get in touch and let's find out!

 Aidel Pines 

"You organised my brain!"

T., NW London